Senior Dog Care Expert

Looking for a senior dog focused veterinarian? Look no further.

Senior dogs are a special breed. Trust us. We get it.  That’s why we’ve assembled a team of senior dog focused veterinarians to help you and your senior dog via videochat consults.  Learn about the type of teleadvice consults we perform below.

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How we can help.

Introducing Senior Dog Telehealth Consults

Senior Dog Health gets complex and many pet parents find they want more time with veterinarians than what they usually get in exam rooms. That’s where we can help.

Though we can not (and never will) replace your pet’s in-person veterinarian, our veterinarians are prepared to help guide you on how you can give your senior dog their overall best health. 

We can review medical records and provide you with some insight and recommendations for your pet. Please note, due to regulations around telemedicine, our consults are strictly teleadvice (meaning we can not provide diagnosis, treatment or prescribe medications).  Insight and advice is shared with you in a follow up report that can be discussed with your pet’s veterinarian.  Learn more about how it works below.

Senior Dog Care Expert

We offer two types of consultations with our veterinarians.


Senior Dog TeleAdvice Health Consultation ($299)

1.  A 45 minutes teleadvice consultation over zoom with a senior dog focused veterinarian. Includes medical history review and quality of life analysis.

2. A Consultation Summary with Recommendations to be discussed with your pet’s vet is emailed to you within one week of your consult

3. Two follow up emails within one week of initial consult

4. Nutritional plan available as add-on for $99

(Note: Because these are teleadvice consultations, we are unable to provide diagnosis, prescribe medication or treatment plans. However we will give you generalized advice and recommendations based on our experience, conversation and thorough review of your pet’s medical history.  We advise going over this with your pet’s vet prior to implementing any steps.)

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Senior Dog Quality of Life Consultation ($199)

1.  Review of medical records and history prior to consultation.* Quality of life scale recommendations most applicable to your pet’s syndromes.

2. A 30 minute consult with a veterinarian discussing your pet’s quality of life and end of life decisions so you feel confident with next steps.

3. A Consultation Summary with Recommendations emailed to you within one week of your consult

Not finding a time that works? Shoot us an email at

What We Address

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What We Do NOT Address

Any issue qualifying as an emergency including but not limited to difficulty breathing, collapse, seizures, pale gums, lethargy, acute vomiting, and more. If your pet is in an emergent state or you are not sure, please contact your local emergency clinic. If you show up to the consult and we suspect this, we will guide you to do the same.