Your Senior Dog is no exception.

I've linked some of the products that I find are really helpful for senior dogs. Most are focused on helping you create an environment at home that are supportive to their joints and mental health.  No matter where they are in their journey of 'seniorhood', starting to support them in their home environment can make all of the difference! Take a look below! 

orthopedic dog beds

Everyone needs their beauty sleep and senior dog's are no exception! Here are some dog beds that my senior's have loved!

big barker

dog bed

Big Barker Dog Bed

Ok. First, yes- this is an investment.  But, if has been well worth it for us. Our dog's 'fight' over who get's this bed and in our house- this bed is king.  We're saving up for another!

big barker dog bed

('sleek' edition)

Big Barker Bed

Sleek Edition

Again. This bed is thick. And their bed of choice.  Long lasting. After throwing out dog beds that would wear thin every few months, this has been well worth the investment.

Twin bed fitted sheet

Twin Size Fitted Sheet


We use this as a 'cover' for the Big Barker Dog Bed (the classic one).  And we have 2 that we switch on and off every few days that helps reduce the amount we have to wash the actual cover. 

pup rug


Pup Rug Dog Bed

Sigh, I'm in love. The memory foam bed is soft for their joints. But what I love is how cute it looks in my office where they all seem to collect while I work on the podcast.  Machine washable outer covering.

k9 ballistics

'tough' dog bed

K9 Ballistics Bed

Great option for destructive senior dogs. 

 This one was bought with my husky mix in mind who loves to scratch and chew beds.  Still intact after 2 years!  This bed is thick and comfortable  and gets a lot of use in our home.


Furhaven Dog Bed

This is an affordable dog bed option with a machine washable cover.  The bed itself does not seem to last as long as some of the pricier ones but still a good piece.

dog hammock


Dog Hammock Bed

One of Becca's favorites.  We place a comfortable blanket on top that we wash every few days. I love that it cradles her weight off of the ground.


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