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Everyone needs their beauty sleep and senior dog's are no exception! Here are some dog beds that our senior dogs have loved!

Each of the dog beds listed here are ones that we have tried at one point in our senior dog journey. I like each for different reasons. So let's jump into the pros and cons of each of these beds.


(especially for dogs with arthritis)

The Big Barker Bed

Look. There are very few dog beds that actually have studies done on them, but Big Barker is one of them. In a clinical study conducted by University of Pennsylvania, owners of large dogs with arthritis reported all sorts of benefits when their dogs were using Big Barker beds. They reported things like reduced joint pain & stiffness, improved joint function & gait, and more restful sleep for their arthritic dogs.

As far as my personal experience with it: this dog bed lives up to its reputation. We have had our Big Barker Dog Bed for 5 years now and it is THE bed that is FIRST pick among our pack! The cover is machine washable and they also have a foam protector that we LOVE.

The foam they use for this bed somehow accomplishes the feat of being both soft and firm and extremely long lasting. This bed is as thick and sturdy as it was the first day I bought it which is something I've struggled with for all other dog beds.

Who this bed is best for: dogs with arthritis or any large breed dog. In my opinion, this bed gives dog joints the best support out there!

The Favorite PRETTY Orthopedic Bed

PupRug Orthopedic Bed

This bed has gotten a lot of use over the past 2 years and the foam appears to be holding up pretty well. This dog bed is perfect for that room that you may not want to be stepping over a bunch of large bulky dog beds in which for me is my bedroom/office.

This bed is plenty big and comfortable enough for the dogs and the cover is machine washable although I will say the cover does not hold up quite as long as you'd hope for (ours lasted about 2 years with several washes in the machine). Covers are available for purchase on their website and are super easy to order. This has been a great bed for our dog family and fit my needs perfectly in our office.

Who this bed is for: anyone looking for a pretty take on an orthopedic dog bed for one of your spaces.

My Favorite AFFORDABLE Orthopedic Dog Bed

Furhaven Dog Bed

Just because you're on a budget does not mean your dog can't be comfortable. This bed right here has been one that our senior dogs have loved in the past. It does not quite have the longevity of the Big Barker Bed but the price fits just right. A great option for someone that needs a good bed for a senior dog and just can't splurge on Big Barker at the moment.

Who this is for: anyone looking for a reasonably priced orthopedic dog bed

Ok friends, that sums up my dog bed review. Hope you found it helpful! The opinions on here are those of my own. Affiliate links may be included and thank you as always for supporting our blog!

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