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Well, I don't know about you but February is always that month that is hardest for us to get through. It's been rainy and cold for far too long and that itch for something bright… something warm is hitting...HARD. Sprinkle in COVID and.... cabin fever has officially set in!

When we get a little stir crazy, you better believe the dogs get that way too! So what do we do when this happens? Well- here we share a few of the simple things that are keeping our multidog household entertained!

1. Doubling down on walks/outings: During times like this, we double down on our walks! Rainy and cold outside for days? Well bundle up! Throw on your extra warm gear. Grab your dog's sweater and paw protectors if needed and head out for that walk. While it's tempting to stay inside when the weather is rainy and cold, some of our best parts of my day have happened when we have gotten dressed and get outside. We usually pick moments between the rain and go for 2 or 3 walks just to get us outside. Sometimes we jump in our car and drive over to the nearest trail. Even though Becca can not go very far, she still loves the new scents we find at new trails and we love the mini-trips to break up the monotony. For our walks in the neighborhood, we always have ample towels by the front door to wipe off paws when we come in from walking in the weather. We also make sure everyone has weather appropriate gear.

2. Get Creative with Treat and Feeding Time: We are often ordering new treat puzzles and games and reusing old ones that haven't been out in awhile! Here is a new toy that Becca my 16 year old labrador is really loved recently. It's made from outdoor gear company Ruff Wear and called, Gnawt-a-Rock. It's best to have dogs do these toys over a nonslip carpeted area to avoid neck strains and falls.

3. Workout Sessions inside: who has tried to workout with your dog nearby? Our dogs ALWAYS want to be involved. Whether they are roughhousing in excitement in the background or just happy to come up and say 'hi', it is always a good time and can help get your blood flowing. This doggy yoga video is a lot of fun too:

4. New Fuzzy toys with squeakers: there is something about seeing our dogs get excited over a new squeaky toy that shows up in the house that brings everyone immense joy and excitement. For my dogs, the joystarter has been this duck. My friend turned me onto it after her pug wouldn’t leave home without it! He’s been a hit with my pack. Each of our dogs wanted it so he comes out on rotation now for fun. Try the duck. You will love. (Obviously take care to make sure noone destroys or ingests duck.)

5. Plan a Doggy Vacation for late summer/fall: ok. I'm being optimistic here but one thing that helps us beat the winter blues is planning upcoming mini trips. Pending vaccine status and precautions taken, this can be a fun way to get your mind focused on the warmer, sunnier weather that is to come. A weekend getaway at a cabin or maybe it's a one day get away to a camping site you've been eyeballing. I think we all know it's best to avoid this if at all possible during COVID but with the vaccine on the horizon, planning well thought out weekend getaways to nearby areas may be possible. One company that I have not tried yet but does seem to have doggy friendly, secluded accommodations is Getaway House.

Do you guys have any fun tips for breaking up the monotony of being copped up inside? Share below!

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