There was a time when stairs used to be so easy for our old dogs.

It is always so surprising the first time we see our old dogs miss a jump or struggle with stairs! One day they are running up them no problem and the next you are noticing them slip! There are a lot of different reasons this can occur: arthritis, decreased muscle mass and more. Here are a few things that can help.

1) Are they at their ideal weight? Make sure your dog is at it’s ideal weight. Not a few lbs above it. And make sure your pet is getting consistent exercise DAILY (so walks, running in the backyard does NOT count). Even an extra few pounds can impact our seniors ability to navigate stairs and jumps.

2) How is their muscling? As our dog’s get older, they often start losing muscle mass. What are you doing to counter that process? One of the main ways we can help them is by having tem on a consistent exercise regime. So, are you getting your senior dog out daily for walks. If they can tolerate it, try incorporating hills to build muscle! So do you have your dog getting consistent exercise daily?

3) Have you senior proofed your home? Start senior proofing your stairs and your home now. Check out a previous post on exactly how to do that here.

4) Get them to the vet. Lastly, get them to the vet and find out if any medications to help keep them comfortable!

Hope that helps!


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