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Senior Dog Revolution-Show Notes

In episode 17 of the podcast, I discuss the fear we all have of losing our oldest bestest friend. Below is the show notes to this podcast episode, but to really hear me deep dive into this topic, check out the full episode on Apple, Spotify or Stitcher.

Becca my 15.5 yr old labrador mix


Welcome to the Senior Dog Revolution with Dr. Monica Tarantino. In today’s episode, she is joined by her fiancé and fellow veterinarian Dr. Brent Gordon. They discuss the concept of anticipatory grief, what it looks like in real life and give you four tips to help you with anticipatory grief. They explain how impactful anticipatory grief is on pet parents.

Dr. Tarantino will give details about how she has dealt with several of her dogs over the years growing older, and how impactful her anticipatory grief with her beloved Frodo was. Brent and Dr. Tarantino also explain how they’ve handled their wonderful Becca in her old age, and how they make her feel special every day to cherish their remaining time with her.

Four Helpful Tips and Tricks

1. Be more present by having special quality time reserved for them and spoiling them more to show them your love.

a. Special quality time can look like having couch tv time when they normally are not allowed on the couch.

b. Spoiling them can be an extra treat every day or taking them out first instead of another pet.

2. Being proactive and seeking as much information as possible to better handle their health and happiness.

a. Be sure to keep your normal checkups and talk with your veterinarian about all the necessary labs, bloodwork, and tests that are needed to fully understand your dog’s health.

b. By knowing the full situation, it can make your decisions for their health and happiness easier as they progress in age.

3. Maintaining perspective and be thankful for as much time as you have with them.

a. Remembering that your dogs do have a shorter life than most humans is essential to keeping the perspective of how thankful you should be for your time with them. They get to spend their whole lives with their owner.

4. Seek professional help when needed.

a. You should not be ashamed to reach out to friends, family, or a professional counselor for assistance in your grief.

b. If you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression from your anticipatory grief, you should consider getting professional help from a trusted therapist or counselor. Mental health is physical health and it is important to keep yourself healthy.

If you are experiencing severe anticipatory grief, please seek out professional help from a trusted therapist or counselor.

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