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by Megan McCorkle RVT

Gifts are our language of love and this year's Senior Dog Gift Guide is full of so much fun stuff for you and your senior dog! If you're always looking for ways to spoil your senior dog, look no further. We have collected our favorite gifts for senior dogs here in our Senior Dog Gift Guide.

Our senior dogs bring us so much joy and giving them a little something special can strengthen our human-animal bond. They are so easy to please that even if you find a practical gift that you can use with your dog or a toy that ignites engagement, they will be ecstatic!

Check out our ideas for the Ultimate Senior Dog Gift Box. We also share our favorite tools, treats, and toys that we consider essential for any senior dog. These gifts will bring so much joy to your pet or any dog lover in your life.

1- Senior Dog Holiday Gift Box: the perfect surprise for any dog age 7 and up! Our Holiday Box includes supplements for your common aging dog needs, a nose-paw balm to soothe dry skin, calipers to measure new masses, a fun squeaky toy, and more. This box is perfect for any dog lover to share with their pet. We've teamed up with Mixlab the best pet pharmacy in the world to create this amazing gift box of goodies for you and your pet. Surprise them with this one-of-a-kind gift under the tree.

2- Golden Girls Poop Bag Holder by Bella B's Barkery*: this makes a dirty job not so bad. We can't look at this without smiling! Know any Golden Girls Fan? We think this accessory is perfect for any fan and pet parent! Uniquely decorated in Golden Girls allows one to never misplace the poop bags. Convenient and cute – that’s the best kind of gift!

3- Gnawt-a-Rock Dog Food Puzzle: this food puzzle continues to be a beloved staple in our senior dog homes. Encouraging mental stimulation and engagement for your senior dog is one of our biggest tips for slowing down the progression of Doggie Dementia. The easiest way to incorporate stimulation is during daily mealtimes. You can use this toy puzzle by filling it with kibble and allowing them to play while they eat. It’s that easy! This toy is durable and washable and perfect for any size dog to enjoy his next meal.

4- HellaCoolDogCo Buddy the Elf Bandana *: we love senior dog mom Lisa's stuff found in her etsy shop and this Elf bandana is already on our order list! Have you seen the holiday movie “Elf”? If you are a fan of Christmas Elves or Will Ferrell this is the cutest holiday bandana for any pet. It is washable and easy to don on any size dog. It's sure to be a conversation starter at your holiday party this year! (Also love this headband set.)

5- Paw Faux Fur Waterproof Blanket: look, our dogs need comfy snuggly blankets and this is a favorite! What pet parent wouldn’t appreciate a waterproof blanket? This Faux Fur blanket is stunning and so comfortable for our seniors and their aging joints. They are machine washable allowing accidents to be easily cleaned while preserving the underlying surface. If spoiling is your goal this blanket will surely be on the top of any pets’ Christmas wish list.

6- Happy Cavmas Long Sleeve Shirt*: Finally, we found the perfect comfy T-shirt for any pet parent or animal lover. A T-shirt that supports Cavie Rescue. This cute and comfortable T-shirt can be worn year-round and the person wearing it knows they support a great cause- helping dogs find a home through a rescue.

7- Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Beds: one of my favorite beds for joint comfort in older dogs! One of the biggest concerns facing our aging dogs is joint disease. We encourage you to find a bed for them that is designed for joint comfort. Big Barker makes orthopedic beds designed for just that. They are a staple in our home and we give them 5 stars! They can be easily cleaned and stay soft and comfortable for all the laying they receive.

8- Playology Chew Bones for Seniors: Want the pawfect bone for your senior dog? What if there was one that could keep them engaged for up to 7 x longer than normal toys? We have found the perfect toy – Playology dog toys are scent enhanced to bring out the sensitive sense of smell in dogs. They are durable, slobber wicking all while being extra engaging for our seniors and their aging minds. We suggest the “sliver” line of toys as they are designed with seniors’ specific needs in mind.

9- Ruffwear Hi-Vis Coat: It's getting darker earlier these days, this is the perfect coat for visibility and warmth for our seniors.

10- Senior Dog Specific Supplements we love: The Golden Years supplement line is always our favorite. VetriScience has wonderful chewy and palatable supplements for multiple Senior dog-specific concerns. The Golden Years Line of products includes supplements for anxiety, brain health, joint health, and energy. You are sure to find the perfect supplement for any senior ailment. They have 4 different kinds with their Strength and Stability for senior joints or Calm and Confident for calm and cognition being our favorites!

That sums up our list of Pawfect Holiday gifts this year- whether you still need to get that perfect gift for a dog lover or if you want to spoil your senior, we hope you try something on our list! We wish you and your senior a Very Happy Holiday Season and an Amazing New year. Be sure to follow The Senior Dog Revolution to stay up to date on our tips for senior dog Health and Happiness for the year 2022.

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