Have the Confidence You're Making the Right Decisions for Your Senior Dog When It Counts The Most.

Your Old Dog Is Your Best Friend...

But every year you see them aging right before your eyes.
Gray hairs…more time sleeping…subtle changes in muscling…more issues coming up at the vet..

How can you help the dog you love like a child reverse the clock? Or at least be comfortable and happy as they age?

Senior Dog Care

In a recent survey, 78% of pet parents of older dogs say they were caught off guard by issues that came up for their senior dog.

Here's Why...

Senior dogs are prone to so many issues…

It doesn’t matter if your senior dog looks or acts like a puppy on the outside…  If they’re age 6 or above, they’re in an age group that experiences higher rates of disease, pain and injury. And often, signs go unrecognized!
Dealing with stuff ‘as it comes up’ is not how you give your best friend the best golden years.

“Learning how to focus on what really matters for Lucy was my main goal. But the added bonus we got was it helped simplify my and Lucy’s life. Which means everything.”
-Julia G.
Senior Dog Care Expert


The Senior Dog Thrive Course

Your Blueprint And Guide To Senior Dog Care With The Latest Updates For Your Senior Dog.

Created By Two Veterinarians And Senior Dog Experts.

Our Blueprint Simplifies Senior Dog Care So You Can Focus On What Really Matters For Your Senior.

The Senior Dog Thrive course is the only resource on the market that gives you a senior dog care system and includes the latest information on preventative, health, and end-of-life care plans for senior dogs.  Our blueprint helps assure your canine has everything they need to not just survive, but thrive through the natural aging process. Created by Dr. Monica Tarantino and Dr. Lisa Lippman.

"Piper has been there for me through everything: break ups, moving, school. This year he started slowing down and I just want to show up for him like he's shown up for me. I felt a little lost with random google searches and information online. This course and the guides they include in it were phenomenal. I love Dr. Lisa and Dr. Monica!" - Katy L.

Here's How It All Breaks Down

Module 1

Map Out Your Senior Dog Care Plan

Learn THE system we use to help your aging dog thriving ​ Learn your Senior Dog's 'type' and where to focus for maximum impact on their happiness!

Module 2

Maximize at Home Care for Your Senior Dog

Learn Actionable Steps that impact your dog's Comfort and Longevity and our 'CARE' system A Video Guide to the lifesaving Weekly Habit You NEED to Perform your senior.

Module 3

Handle Veterinary Care Like a Pro

What to Know About Anesthesia and Vaccines in Senior Dogs Senior Dog Nutrition and Supplements (and our guides with products recommendations) What does your Senior Dog really need at the vet and saving money!

Module 4

Get Clear on Common Warning Signs & Disease of Seniors

Critical Steps to Longevity at the Vet Preventative Medicine Basics Your Dog Needs Warning Signs to Monitor for in Your Pet

Module 5

End of Life and Anticipatory Grief

Quality of Life Decisions Anticipatory Grief


Bonus Handouts and Videos

Sleeping RR Email course Weekly home Lookover Video Journal

"Senior dog parents are the most dedicated group of pet parents I have ever seen in practice. As a senior dog mom and vet, the thing I know we want the most is to show up for them like they've shown up for us. There has been little guidance or resources on how to do that and so we have come up with THE senior dog care course for pet parents that want to go the extra mile for their senior dogs."

What Makes The Senior Dog Thrive Course Different?

The THRIVE method is revolutionizing the way we care for our aging dogs. Senior dogs are so precious to our lives yet most of us do not have a care plan for them causing opportunities to help them to be missed.Join pet parents like you in our movement to help older dogs everywhere!

There has never been a guide to aging for Senior Dogs until now. The Senior Dog Thrive course is the only resource on the market that gives you a senior dog care system and includes the latest information on preventative, health, and end-of-life care plans for senior dogs. Our blueprint helps assure your canine has everything they need to not just survive, but thrive through the natural aging process.
Your Blueprint & Guide to Senior Dog Care

Did Someone Say Bonuses?!

In addition to the The Senior Dog Thrive Course, we’re also going to throw in 3 bonuses to help you implement important health habits to support your aging dog.

Bonus 1: Senior Dog Supplement and Diet Guide: (Value $69)

A comprehensive list of our favorite supplements and diets for aging dogs so you don’t have to play the guessing game.

Bonus 2: Weekly At Home Exam Video Guide: (Value $49)

Learn the exact steps Dr. Lippman recommends pet parents use to perform weekly exams on their pets at home

Bonus 3: Signs of Chronic Pain Handout; Signs of Hearing/Vision Loss Handout: (Value $59)

These handouts help assure you know the signs associated with common causes of discomfort and disability in aging dogs.

Bonus 4: Private Group Q and A's Sessions with the doctors (Value $699)

Several times a year the doctors post video sessions answering questions exclusive to pet parents enrolled in the Thrive course. Get your burning questions answered!

Bonus 5: Access to Private Senior Dog THRIVE Course FB Group: (Value $49)

Join other pet parents in a private Facebook group for senior dog community and support like no other.

Total Value in Bonuses: $925!

A Note From The Course Creators…

We’re Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino and we’re obsessed with helping you create a happier and longer living dog. We’re such crazy dog moms we’ve devoted our lives to it! Dr. Lisa is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the US. She founded her own house call practice to treat some of the most influential pets, is the medical director of a foster based rescue in NYC and is the Director of Virtual Care for Bond Vet. Dr. Monica is the medical director of a veterinary hospital in the Charlotte, NC area as well as founder of the Senior Dog Revolution. She has also coauthored a book for new veterinarians, has cofounded Vets on the Rise where she mentors new vets. She is a large advocate for rescuing senior pets.

You Have Questions... We Have Answers!

This course is perfect for dogs aged 6 to 21 years of age! However it’s never too early to start to gain an understanding of what older dogs need.

YES. We specifically address early seniors and what to focus on with this group of dogs throughout this course. In addition, this course will set you up NOW to start learning what to be on the lookout for. The earlier we get started, the better long-term results you will see with many of the methods we teach.

The course is a 5 part course that we recommend doing in 5 weeks however it is completely self paced and you can have access to it forever. We suggest doing what works best for you and your schedule. Total hours spent in the course is usually 4 to 5 hours.

Even experienced senior dog owners have benefited from this course because things evolve over time. The best way to keep up to date on senior dog care is to continually add to your knowledge. Trust us–some of the content in here has never been discussed like this and we’ve had MANY veterinarians and experienced dog owners say they are so glad they took this course. They learned so much!

Yes! We want you to see what an amazing difference it makes in yours and your furbabies life which is why if you watch the videos and do all the work and are still unsatisfied, you can get 100% refund within 60 days.

You will have access to this course forever!

Still Not Sure?

This program is a perfect fit for you if……

You’re a dog mom or dad who doesn’t want to take any risks when it comes to the health of your furbabies. Their health, comfort, and happiness is as important to you as your own children’s.You want vet recommended brands, supplements, and health care plans to ensure that your dog gets nothing but the best. Having a customized preventative, health, and end of life care plan for your dog isn’t a luxury, but an essential for your family.

You have a full grown dog who’s aging, or isn’t far off from his senior years

Join The Senior Dog Thrive Course Today!

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