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This week I shared that our favorite way to spoil Becca our old Labrador mix is some late night couch cuddles! We help her get up and let her sit in our lap while we netflix. This is her special privilege and man does she soak it up! She’s the only one we allow up there besides Orwell the maltipoo who we quite frankly can’t stop :).

When I shared this with pet parents on instagram, they had so much to say! Thought I’d share a few of the ways pet parents are spoiling their older dogs across America. If you'd like to fill me in on how you spoil your dog, please comment below!

1- “Daily Massage now that my geriatric dog is not as food motivated.”

In our upcoming physical therapy episode we will talk to you about how daily massage can be physically helpful in older dogs but another thing we love about it is how it can be used as a way to bond with our older dogs!

2- “Sleeping in the bed. This is usually off limits and now our senior dog loves when she’s allowed up there.”

This is the ultimate guilty pleasure! We also have a strict policy of not allowing our dogs to sleep in the bed and that’s for a lot of reasons. This guilty pleasure can make an old dog’s day!

3- “Singling our oldest dog out for pets and treats.”

In multidog households it’s so easy to let the older dog who may not be able to get attention as easily because of things like arthritis or illness fall in the background. Our home is a multidog household (multi-senior dog household that is) but some pets definitely have more energy and ease getting around then the others. We also make it a habit to single out our special senior dogs!

4- “Weekend trips to her favorite park. We park close and find a bench and pull out a blanket because our older German shepherd can’t get around as easily.”

I love how thoughtful this owner is being aware of her older dog’s limitations yet providing a great way to stimulate the dog.

5- “Strawberries.”

This one cracks me up. Our dogs love the strangest treats! Strawberries (in limited amounts) are ok for dogs but remember, NO grapes or raisins! ASPCA has a great list of foods not to give your dog on their website (best always check). .

Thanks for sharing pet parents!

If you have one you’d like to share, please share in the comments below! Otherwise, wishing you and your special senior dogs the absolute best!


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