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Here in the middle of July, there are quite a few restrictions in place for us regarding COVID. So during my days off, it’s taken a little getting creative to develop a few new activities that allow me to bond and relax with my senior dogs.

Picture by Portraits and Pawlaroids

This week on the podcast, I discuss the 3 Aspects of a Senior Dog’s Daily Routine that we need to focus on EVERY day for their health and happiness. Keeping variety in them has been a bit challenging (especially when I’m tired after work!) but I thought I’d share 4 different COVID friendly ideas to bond with our seniors that have brought me or senior pet parents I know some joy.

1-Early Morning Picnic at Secluded Park: this week, Miss Pickles the adorable senior pittie and her mom Alyssa from Portraits and Pawlaroids met me for an early morning picnic. We planted a blanket, had some snacks and caught up outside of work. Miss Pickles enjoyed chewing on her favorite kong bone in a new spot and afterwards we took her for a walk around a small lake nearby allowing her to catch up on new scents and experiences.

2- Bike Ride with ‘Pet Trailer’ for the Geriatrics: we have bikes that we love riding through the neighborhood and recently we saw a young couple biking and carting their old golden retriever behind in a pet trailer! He was having the time of his life! I wish I had pics but what a cool idea! Probably best for the geriatric/super senior group or a dog that you’d be sure wouldn’t mind being sedentary. A pet trailer is now in our amazon cart.

3- Early Morning Hike with the Active Seniors: once every 2 weeks, my middle senior Twig and I get up before sunlight and head out to a trail within an hour of us. Hiking is just good for the soul, right?

4- Drive Thru Coffee (Puppuccino) and Park bench hang: I know. It’s all about the little things. Once a week, Becca and I go through the drive thru for her weekly puppuccino and then find one of the more secluded parks in the area to hang at while I sip my coffee and relax with her while she eats a kong treat. Quality time, check check. We then walk around a little to explore new scents and sights for her.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it- it’s the simple things that bring us the most joy when it comes to my senior dogs. Any small adjustments to routines that you’ve developed with your senior dog during COVID?


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