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Choose from our variety of services to help you help your senior dog. Caring for a senior dog is much different than caring for a younger dog. And learning how to maximize happiness and navigate common challenges with older dogs can make all the difference.
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And learning how to maximize happiness and navigate common challenges with older dogs can make all the difference.

Senior Dog Revolution

Welcome! We are so glad you are here! At SDR, we are firm believers that senior pets are the most inspiring animals in the world. And our mission is to help promote the needs of senior dogs and help pet parents create a life of health and happiness for their oldest canine friend.

And because of that, we have created free content and courses for you here that are geared towards helping you create a life of health, happiness, and comfort that we all want for our senior dogs.


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Our Client Says

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Sarah R

My husband and I consider ourselves dog people and felt very knowledgeable about canine health. This course has opened our minds to how we need to care and monitor our Senior Dog to keep her healthy and happy and with us!!!

Patty G

This course has information you can not find in researching the computer. Information I wished I would have known before my dog became a senior.

Tiffany S.

The Senior Dog Thrive course really helped me feel confident in advocating for my senior dog, and also to know what to do to help my dog if and when she experiences any age-related issues. The course is packed with great information, and I appreciate that it comes from two very knowledgeable vets.

Christina P

I feel more equipped and confident about knowing how to advocate for my 10 year old dog and what to talk to my vet about now and as she gets older. We’ve already implemented some of the changes at home and are seeing great results!

M. Diaz

“This course changed the way we do EVERYTHING. I finally feel like I have the best care plan in place for Osita, my senior terrier mix. The way Dr. Tarantino and Dr. Lippman present it was so clear, and the free pdfs are amazing!”

L. Marshall

“We’ve been following SDR for awhile and literally waiting for this course for months now and it did NOT disappoint. Our senior dog Bill is a large breed and early senior dog and we just loved the way they clearly articulated the needs he had. We’re working hard now to help him with his joints and loved their supplement handout!”