Give them the ultimate golden years.

With the Senior Dog Thrive Course


Here at Senior Dog Revolution, we aim to talk about the different needs of senior dogs so we can help them live their best life yet.

Hi, We're Dr. Lisa Lippman and Dr. Monica Tarantino.

And our specialty is helping you set your dog up for happy and healthy aging.  Learn how to give your senior dog their best golden years! 

do you want your senior dog to thrive as they age?

The truth is that, with so many different pieces to senior dog care, most pet parents miss opportunities to help their senior dogs live their healthiest and happiest life.   

In our self paced Senior Dog THRIVE Course, learn how to set your senior dog up for happy aging.  You will learn our unique methods of senior dog care, supplements, diets, home and vet care, decision making and more.

Perfect for pet parents of dogs age 5 to 18 years of age!  Whether you have an early senior or a geriatric- this course will give you a succinct care plan and the confidence that you really are giving your senior dog their best life possible.


Coming out this December 2021.

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