Senior Dog Holiday Gift Guide: 27 Different Ideas to Spoil Your Oldest Friend

The holidays are here, and senior dogs want to partake in the festivities and fun too! Let’s face it, there are many dog gift guides out there, but not a lot that focus on the things an older pet may love!  So this year, our team at SDR is sharing all the stuff we are into for our oldies but goldies this holiday season.


Favorite Holiday Enrichment Toys


Gingerbread House Interactive Snuffle Toy

We are obsessed with this!  Soft and plush so won’t push on their teeth but oh so much fun!  Kellieanne saw this and new it had to be part of her dog Laney’ holiday.  “I saw this Gingerbread House snuffle toy and fell in love. You can hide treats in the windows and doors, etc. There’s also a snuffle Yule Log”

Lambwolf Snuffle Ball

I also really love this snuffle ball from Lambwolf because it squeaks and crinkles plus the hiding places for treats so lots of senses stimulated. I’ve been loving this shop. When you order they always add fun free gifts. Like I ordered Laney the snuffle pumpkin and they included a “tell your dog I said hi” tote and Halloween bat bandana.

Senior Dog Box: Crustmas Edition

Think of this as you and your best friend getting a surprise holiday gift box for the both of you! Toys and supplements vary but suffice to say this is filled with things to give you peace of mind and the both of you some extra holiday joy! Senior pups go crazy for the toy in these boxes!  We’re partial to these holiday gift boxes because they are specifically tailored for older dogs and created by our small business!

The Senior Dog Box (Crustmas edition) is the perfect gift for pet parents and their senior dogs!


Sleep Support Favorites: Comfy and Sleepy

Senior dogs spend a lot more time sleeping.  A good night’s sleep contributes to your senior dog’s overall health and happiness. So many of our older dogs develop joint pain, arthritis, or simply require more rest. Providing a cozy and supportive sleeping environment promotes their comfort and well-being. Consider some excellent options for orthopedic, heated, and bolstered dog beds to aid your senior dog in achieving restful sleep.

Big Barker Bed

This bed is an investment but with the U. Penn study behind it as well as a proven track record in our home, it’s hard not to have them on the list.  I have had two for 5 years now (L and XL) and they seem just as thick, soft and comfortable as when we first got them. We also love this waterproof liner which helps keep it protected from any spills or accidents that are bound to happen in a home with pets.

Lesure Flower Bed

Adrian from one of our favorite IG accounts, adoptolddogs swears by these beds.  “For small/medium dogs – the Lesure flower bed. It’s so great for cuddles, and they can tuck their noses in between the “petals”.  We have since gotten our chinese crested senior dog Orwell one of these- and we agree. He’s obsessed with his!

Doggy Dementia Supplement

There are so many different options to help decrease anxiety or support a dog experiencing doggy dementia signs, which can happen in many of our lovable seniors.  Doggy dementia is complex and you should always discuss supplements with your vets but two supplements that I like are Golden Years Calm and Confident (contains L theanine and a calming colostrum complex) and SAM-E (more a ‘long game’ supportive supplement that also commonly used to support liver issues in dogs).


Joint and Mobility Support


Solid Joint Support Supplement

Glycoflex Plus by VetriScience has been a great joint supplement for senior dogs who often have chronic pain starting and no way to tell you.  It’s been around for decades and has green lipped muscle extract, glucosamine, MSM and antioxidants.  With a study from Washington State University showing that it helped hind limb strength after 4 weeks of consistent use, it’s a really easy choice to help support joints in dogs.

Picky Senior Dog Joint Support Supplement

Along the same line, we love the VetriScience senior dog line of supplements called Golden Years. Specifically, the Strength and Stability is similar to Glycoflex Plus but has added ingredients for muscle strength. This one is great for picky senior dogs because you can easily crumble it into their food dish for them to eat. (Always make sure your vet approves your supplement choice!)

Mobility Harness

Helping your geriatric dog get up from sitting to standing can be made so much easier with an appropriate harness.  We’ve had good experiences with the Ginger Lead Harness and Help Em’ Up Harness.


Traveling Senior Dog


So many of us will be traveling for the holidays and a lot of us will bring a long our elderly dogs! Here are a few things we consider travel essentials for traveling with your senior dog over the holidays.

Rubyloo: The Original Doggy Bag

Are you headed out of town with your senior dog this holiday season?  This is the perfect travel bag for your dog!  We love how this bag has everything you need already packed in it. So you can leave your regular bowls, toys and food containers at home.   There is even a secret compartment at the bottom where you can keep your leashes, meds, pee pads etc. Rubyloo is also a small business, and we love that!

Easy Travel Pen/Crate 

Let’s face it- the holidays can be stressful for both us and our pets.  Our friend Lisa from @allthefosterpups put us onto this particular pack and play which can double as a lightweight foldable ‘crate’ for older senior dogs!  It creates the perfect little place for an old dog to go hide and hang out when things get overwhelming during the holidays.

Anxiety Chews

Let’s face it. The holidays can be stressful and so having access to something that can help relax your dog is going to be important. We like these chews here called Composure which take about 30 minutes to take effect and have studies showing their promote calm behavior and decrease stress. Best to give before the actual stressful event starts and always do a test at home and check with your vet prior to giving supplements to your dog!


Cool, Thoughtful Gifts

Embark DNA and Health

Finding out a little more about where your dog came from and what health issues they may be prone to is ALWAYS fun.  My fiance got this for me as a gift one year for our husky mix Jose, and we loved learning that he had <1% of chihuahua in him!  Embark is one of the more reliable DNA tests out there and the health data can be valuable for the vet!

Furbo Dog Camera

One of the things we recommend for anyone traveling away from their older dog for the holidays and leaving them with a petsitter is a camera in the home so you can check in on your pooch and make sure all is ok. (Always let the petsitter know you have them!) Furbo makes a great one and we have had the more affordable Wyze camera which is a more affordable option that has worked well for us.

The Deluxe Dog Stroller 

For those special dogs that need some extra support with their mobility we love the stroller options from Ibayayo.

Pup Photoshoot

Look up a local photographer and get your pet a photoshoot. These never disappoint and for many pet parents these pictures and memories are ones they cherish for a lifetime.


Custom pet portraits

Custom pet portraits are a beautiful way to immortalize your senior dog and capture their unique personality and charm. Popular styles for custom pet portraits include:


Quirky and Fun

Doggo Vinci is one of the most fun pet portrait sites on the website.  “A few years ago I bought one as a secret santa gift for a coworker for her geriatric chihuahua that was her baby. It was a hit at the Secret Santa reveal.  I got one for my mom and sister and my dogs because they’re so funny.”

‘Chloe-saurus’ and ‘Sir James the gentleman.’

Minimalist Classic

If you’re looking for a more simple but beautiful work, minimalist artwork can fit with nearly every decor.  This shop here does some great line art that looks beautiful (the custom print nose print art in her shop is our fave).

Minimalist Funny-Line Art

Other line art we’re obsessed with includes this ‘custom ugly pet portrait’ that had us laughing and dying to see what they’d come up with.


Stylish Senior Dog

Look. We are not all fashionistas. But if the way that Orwell looks in an argyle sweater is any indication, most senior dogs can pull off fashion that will have everyone ogling over them and giving them the attention they deserve. Here are a few of our favorites.


Bella B’s Barkery Lights and Reindeer Bandana

We’re suckers for making sure our senior dogs look as cute on the outside as we know they are on the inside and this festive lights and reindeer bandana is the perfect accessory.  We also love the ugly Christmas sweater party print here.  All made from Alexandra, small business owner and fellow senior dog mom herself!

HellaCoolDog Golden Girls Bandana

We’re a sucker for golden girls. Maybe it’s the millennial in us or maybe it’s the fact that we love saucy ladies.  This bandana from HellaCoolDog is perfect and fits right over your dog’s color. (Plus, we love creator and owner of the shop, senior dog mom and foster-a-holic Lisa).

Argyle Sweater

Orwell’s been sporting an argyle sweater for the past 3 years and though I can’t find the exact one this one here looks a lot like it.  Ours keeps him looking like a refined gentleman and puts a smile on our face whenever he has it on.

Matching Pajamas

Look. With old dogs, it’s always time to get pictures and to show how close your bond is. Good Thomas has some of the cutest matching pajamas for mom, dad and dog out there. Personal favorites include the red plaid and the fun fam surfing pajamas!


Stocking Stuffer/Fun, Affordable Gifts

We wanted to pick a few no-brainers that would be easy to gift to a friend or even work as stocking stuffers for a senior dog! Pick one or pick them all and place in a stocking!

Old Dog Sweater Club Mug

We’re obsessed with this to no end. Not only as a senior dog parent do we see ourselves carrying our favorite cup of joe in this adorable mug, but we see ourselves also curled up with our favorite senior dog with this mug.  And that makes a senior dog mom smile!  Plus, this is a small business founded by a senior dog mom and dad and they are donating 10% of the proceeds to a senior dog focused rescue.  Can’t go wrong here.  (Also, we’re in love with this cute kitchen towel!)

Do It Yourself Paw Print Kit

We love this one because of its price and the fact that it’s no mess! Super fun to try with your pooch and can make a great Christmas ornament or memorabilia for someone!

Pill Organizer

This is a no brainer for a pet parent that is starting to find the amount of pills/supplements they are giving is above one type.  At the vet clinic, we see wrong pills given or doubled up on by accident all of the time and these pill organizers can make all the difference!

Giving Back- Chewy Claus

Chewy Claus is a fun holiday program that promises one pound of food to shelter animals for every letter sent to Chewy Claus and tens of thousands of gifts to lucky pets.  You can learn more about it here.

Holiday Bandanas

Some of the coolest bandanas at Bella B Barkery and Hella Cool Dog Co (both female owned small businesses).


We really love these necklaces from Wear Felicity which allow you to visualize a picture of your pup in the necklace.  Such a beautiful gift!


Your older dog is an important part of the family! Celebrating with them during the holidays can be so much fun!  With that, we hope you love our senior dog gift guide this year! Wishing you all the happiest of holidays with your furry friends!


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