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You want your best friend here for longer.

Introducing Our Highly Rated Minicourse For Pet Parents.

Learn 5 steps to a longer living dog you can start today!

Includes 3 Different PDF Downloads And Our Blueprint! Taught By Celebrity Vet Dr. Lippman And Dr. Tarantino. Don’t Miss Out On Learning From The Industries Best!

Senior Dog Care Expert

You Want To Set Your Dog Up For It's Best Life.

In our mini-course training, you will learn 5 actionable steps that ACTUALLY make a difference for your dog. After a combined 20+ years of working with dogs, Dr. Lippman and Dr. Tarantino are sharing the 5 things that make the biggest difference in their patient’s healthspan.

Skip the misleading internet searches and the stuff that doesn’t work, and learn what really matters for your dog! (And become the best dog mom or dad in the process!)

P.S. The masterclass also comes with great handouts! Sign up today!


Module 1

Weight Matters & the LEAN Method Handout

Can diet influence disease and longevity in our pets? Learn about the Body Condition Score Chart ​Appropriate diet and exercise

Module 2

Detect Problems Earlier with this 5 Minute System!

At-Home Weekly Lookovers Detecting problems earlier

Module 3

Get Clarity on Nutrition for a Healthier Dog

Reliable nutrition guidelines and website resources What is a Complete and Balanced diet? Healthy treat alternatives

Module 4

Master Health Class (and 3 Ways to Save Money PDF)

Critical Steps to Longevity at the Vet Preventative Medicine Basics Your Dog Needs Warning Signs to Monitor for in Your Pet

Module 5

Ditch Confusion About Your Dog's Exercise Need

Regular physical activity and the benefits What is Sarcopenia and what does it look like? Supplements that may help

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P.S. The masterclass also comes with great handouts! Sign up today!

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Meet Your Mini-Course Hosts

Dr. Monica Tarantino, DVM

Dr. Monica Tarantino is a medical director and podcast host of the Senior Dog Revolution podcast.  When not working with patients, Dr. Tarantino speaks nationally on senior dog health and improving veterinary medicine.  She is the founder of Vets on the Rise and the author of a book teaching new veterinarians the fundamentals of medical practice.

Senior Dog Care Expert
Senior Dog Care Expert

Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM

Dr. Lisa Lippman is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the United States. She is nationally respected by media outlets such as Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and Live with Kelly and Ryan as a go-to source for expertise in pet health and safety.  Dr. Lippman is also Medical Director of Virtual Care at Bond Vet and Medical Director for Animal Lighthouse Rescue. 

This course is perfect for dogs aged 1 to 21 years of age! It’s never too early to start to gain an understanding of what older dogs need.

This minicourse is just under half an hour and has a total of 5 sections. We kept everything, short, sweet and to the point as our goal in the minicourse is to give you the most relevant tips in a short period of time. 

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer a refund on the minicourse. 

You will have access to this course forever!