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Senior Dog Thrive Course

Because your dog should
THRIVE in their golden years

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Did you know that dogs become senior between ages 5 to 7?

✔️ Diseases of chronic pain
✔️ Decreased ability to communicate or show pain
✔️ Diseases of age
✔️ Muscle Wasting
✔️ Loss of Senses
✔️ Cognitive Changes
...and more!

Yet most pet parents miss out on key opportunities to help them, relying on just 'dealing with issues' as they come up.

But we can show you a better way to care for senior dogs in
The Senior Dog Thrive Course.

Truth Time:

Guidance for pet parents on senior dog care has been slim. 

And as a result, many pet parents are out there trying supplements, diets, Dr. Google searches (oh no!) and going to the vet yet still feeling like they lack clear guidance on senior dog care.  They're left dealing with issues as they come up...

And that's a problem. 

By just dealing with senior dog issues as they come up, you're missing opportunities to slow disease and pain and give your senior dog their happiest golden years. 

Want to know the truth? There are simple methods and formulas to helping senior dogs thrive. And you can learn about them in the new online course, Senior Dog Thrive Course which was developed by two veterinarians and senior dog experts Dr. Monica Tarantino and Dr. Lisa Lippman. 

Happy senior dogs start with understanding what senior dogs are up against and some simple yet effective steps to help them thrive.

Are you ready to become the best pet parent to your aging dog?
And set them up for their brightest golden years?

But with age.... comes a whole new set of problems.

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Time with our senior dogs is precious.  

Don't leave your senior dog's health and happiness up to chance.


It's time to have a plan to help your senior dog THRIVE and to be confident that you as a pet parent are doing all you can for them when it comes to senior dog care!


So, let's help them while we have them.

At Senior Dog Revolution, we categorize senior dogs into one of three categories:

© 2021  Dr. Monica Tarantino - Senior Dog Revolution

Early Senior (Pre-senior)

Usually age 7-9. Have little or mild disease that is managed.

Classic Senior

Usually age 9-12. Signs of aging are present, usually mild or moderate disease.

Geriatric (Super Senior)

Usually age 12+. Often have multiple diseases.

Which one of these is the course best suited for?

Trick Question! Our course is best suited for EACH of the above pets because we dive into the different needs that each of these seniors have as well as universal concerns and steps to take for senior dogs no matter their category. There is not a course or entity that delves into senior dogs like this. So much great information in our course. So what are you waiting for?

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