About Senior Dog Revolution

Welcome Senior Dog Pet Parents! 

We are so glad you are here!  I started Senior Dog Revolution after going through the experience of watching my soul dog, Frodo (a Westie) get older and succumb to nearly every age-related disease out there. Chronic back pain, heart disease, a ruptured tumor inside his abdomen, kidney disease and the list goes on!

I felt so helpless watching him deal with new ailments every few months.  I wasn’t a vet yet, and when I went to look for information and resources to learn how to help him, I found there was hardly anything on the unique needs of senior dogs (tons of stuff on puppies though!).

After graduating vet school, I set out to change that.  Here pet parents of senior dogs can find all the information they need to help navigate being the best senior dog pet parent. 

In addition to tons of free resources on our blog and podcast, we have courses, mini-courses, consults and products for you to become the hero your old dog thinks you are. 

We believe that:

Everything you do for an old dog matters.  And getting informed can make all the difference for your senior dog. 

A huge thank you for all you do for your pet.  And the sincerest welcome to our community! 


Dr. Monica Tarantino and Senior Dog Revolution Team


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In a recent survey, 78% of pet parents of older dogs say they were caught off guard by issues that came up for their senior dog.